Maying quiet mist 
Ngulangang silently gathered 
by dying ganbi 

~ 'Wuri Rising' by Nicole Smede 


Ngarayamūrah – Listening to Country is a meditation created in collaboration with PWC Australia and Red Room Poetry. It was released in time for National Reconciliation Week 2020. 

Derived from Nicole's Poetry in First Languages commission poem, 'Wuri Rising' and featuring her song, 'Gugara' Kuragia, this re-grounding exercise is designed to take you within and re-discover the deep and infinite connection to minga – Mother Earth – and the life force that flows through all living things. Through storytelling, you are encouraged to find your affinity with being present with and in nature. 

The soundscapes for Ngarayamūrah – Listening to Country were recorded along the Shoalhaven River and Bomaderry Creek and this project was guided by Gumea Dharawal Custodian, Jacob-Chant-Morris, who provided Gumea Dharawal language interpretations.